Saying No to the water bottle culture

Lydia McGrew writes:

Ever since I’ve seen your posts about public figures drinking out of a bottle [see this and this], it’s started to bother me. It happened so insidiously that it was not until you started posting about it that I realized that when I was younger people on stage always drank out of a glass rather than a bottle. I’m trying to convey this sense of irritation to my daughter. Though in general she and I think much alike, I’m not sure that I’ve quite succeeded in convincing her that a speaker’s drinking out of a bottle on-stage is tacky, but I’m working on it. If I keep going, I’m going to succeed in making her completely unfit for life in the 21st century.

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Kristor writes:

When I read Lydia’s statement that thanks to you she is training her daughter to be totally unfit for life in the 21st century, I laughed, and said to myself, “Hell! Thanks to everything I have learned from Lawrence, I feel as if I am unfit for life even in the 17th century!”

LA replies:

Mencius Moldbug would disagree with that assessment! See the March 2010 exchange, “Moldbug instructs me, which begins: “I guess it’s karma: what I’m always saying about mainstream conservatives, Mencius Moldbug says about me, that I’m really a liberal in spite of myself.”

Kristor replies:

Moldbug. He’s a commie, compared to me!

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