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Stephen Hopewell writes:

I regret that I rarely have time to comment at VFR these days, but….

I wanted to say that VFR’s handling of the airline scan-and-grope issue, including the fine readers’ comments, has been excellent. Where else anywhere does the discussion rise high above the “civil liberties versus security” or “unwillingness to profile Muslims” paradigm, to discuss it for what it is, a manifestation of life in a liberal “pod people” regime? Where else would the very significant side issue of the negative effect of TSA minority-hiring policies, resulting in lower-IQ security personnel, be even noticed, let alone demonstrated to be a vital factor in the problem? And, side by side with this is a report that our president has written a book praising an Indian chief who fought the U.S. army as a “great American,” a phenomenon which can scarcely be unrelated to the travel security situation.

It is enough to make one weep, but thank you for your service on behalf of the truth. The truth is becoming clearer, bit by bit.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 16, 2010 02:50 PM | Send

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