On women’s equality

Here are collected several articles questioning whether women’s political equality, meaning women’s franchise and the presence of women in positions of political leadership, is good for society. The entry will be permanently linked in the sidebar.

Thoughts on gyneocracy and liberalism [See my comment, beginning at “I respectfully disagree with Margaret,” in which I explain what liberalism is: “Liberalism means seeing the world as a single collection of individuals, all possessing the same rights, and distinguished only by their ‘individual worth.’ Liberalism rejects, as a fundamental principle, the idea that individuals may belong to different categories—categories not chosen by the individual himself—that may affect the individual’s rights.” This entry also contains an excellent comment by Laura W. explaining why women should generally not be in politics.]

Is women’s equality a good thing? [I raise tentatively the question whether women’s political equality is good for society.]

More on women’s vote and women’s liberalism

Limiting the franchise: a proposal [I propose idea of limiting franchise to married men with children who are net taxpayers. Followed by big discussion.]

Why has the female sex lost its mind? [On why young women keep putting themselves in situations where they get killed. Long, fascinating discussion. Also includes discussion of F. Roger Devlin’s articles.]

A radical conservative challenge to modern society [Laura Wood’s article at The Thinking Housewife, “Why We Must Discriminate,” is like a declaration of war on feminist America. She writes: “we must restore customary economic discrimination in favor of men. America’s businesses and institutions must be free once again to favor men over women in hiring. If they are not, family life will never return to a reasonable state of health; the happiness of women and children will continue to decline; and men will fail to flourish and prosper.” A series of commenters launch full-blown attacks on her position, and she ably answers each in turn.]

Is Cain the cool cat with nine lives? [A comment on how the women’s franchise, like other democratizing reforms in the course of history, did not seem harmful at first, but gradually dragged the society down. November 2011.]

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