The wilding in Times Square

Mark Jaws writes:

Any idea if the Times Square rampage on Easter Night was just the natives being restless and shooting themselves or a deliberate wilding against white victims? All I know is that four were shot and over 50 arrested. No identities on the victims. We know who the perps were.

LA replies:

I read the Times on it and the Post on it. Nothing very revelatory. The most arresting thing is the contrast between the Times’ lead and the Post’s lead:


Four people were shot in three episodes in Midtown Manhattan, and the police said they arrested 33 people as rowdy crowds roamed the area in the waning hours of Sunday and early Monday in what has become something of a violent Easter Night ritual.


Scores of gangbangers marauded through Times Square and nearby streets last night, storming businesses and harrassing pedestrians as three people were shot in possibly related violence.

“Rowdy crowds roamed the area” (sounds almost like harmless fun) versus “Scores of gangbangers marauded through Times Square and nearby streets last night, storming businesses and harrassing pedestrians.” Quite a difference.

But a question: I thought gangbangers meant gang rapists. In recent years it seemed to be used for a group of violent criminals with firearms. But in the Post article it now seems to mean any disorderly and violent (presumptively black or Hispanic) group, with or without firearms. So, does gangbanger have any definite meaning any more?

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David B. writes:

You see the term “gangbanger” used fairly often. It almost always refers to a black or Hispanic street criminal.

LA replies:

Right, it used to have a very specific and horrible meaning. Now it’s been generalized and has lost its meaning.

Evan H. writes:

In regards to your question at the end, is generally the place to go for slang definitions. People submit definitions for slang terms and other users can vote on them, so the “real” definition that people use will tend to work its way to the top of the list. If you go there you’ll see that “gangbang” and “gangbanger” have two very different meanings, despite their obvious similarity. Warning—as with any site with user generated content, you have to be prepared for a lot of very crude language, especially for phrases with a sexual connotation.

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