Asking a neoconservative a question

On Monday I sent the below e-mail to Jonathan Tobin, Commentary’s executive editor and the chief writer of its blog:

Jonathan Tobin
Commentary Magazine

Dear Mr. Tobin:

I have a very simple, direct question for you.

You supported Obama when he pushed Mubarak out of power and toppled the Mubarak regime.

Do you still think that toppling Mubarak was a good idea?

Lawrence Auster
New York City

Guess what? Tobin hasn’t replied.

I’m shocked.

Here’s Tobin’s page. There is a photo of him there:


His face strikes me as strangely clueless. In particular, his eyes have a disconcertingly vague, unfocused look. He seems like a man permanently abstracted from reality. Which would make him a fit representative of the neocons.

- end of initial entry -

Paul K. writes:

I agree with you about Tobin’s picture. It’s not only the eyes, but the weak set of the mouth.

I am often struck by how much information is communicated in a photograph of a person’s face. For example, the other day I saw a picture of the actor Ashton Kutcher dressed like Steve Jobs, whom he is playing in a film. Though there is a superficial resemblance, Jobs had an intense intelligence in his eyes while Kutcher’s gaze is that of a not-very-bright fellow, rendering him totally unsuited for the role.

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