More on Shareef Allman, the Cupertino shooter

In addition to working at the quarry where he shot eight people and killed two this morning, Shareef Allman was a producer for the San Jose cable access station CreaTV. Here is an interview he did with Jesse Jackson in September 2010.

Here is a better photograph of him than I posted before, with his son and perhaps his daughter. Here is another photograph of him, with his son.

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Buck O. writes:

I clicked through some of this photobucket album. Shareef’s son was a good looking young man and seemed to be very popular with a diverse mix of his classmates. He’s probably a decent young man who had a bright future. What his “loving” father has done to him will devastate his life in the short term and will surely damage him forever. How could a father, who seemed to be actively trying to make a difference with his videos and who appeared to have done fairly well in the raising of his son, then do to his son what he has. It makes no sense. It makes me think that he was living a lie and was not mentally stable for some time. I can’t know any of this by simply seeing these photos, but, they are not too different from the many photos that I have of my own son’s high school graduation, just four years ago. A popular and happy young man who is looking to the future with expectations of accomplishment and happiness. Hopefully this young man will be OK. He’s going to live through hell in the near future.

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