Fashion marches on!

About 15 years ago a certain biographer <sarcasm on>, in a shockingly courageous and imaginative departure from fashionable thinking, <sarcasm off> claimed that Abraham Lincoln was homosexual and that he carried on homosexual relationships while he was president. The latest <sarcasm on> incredibly brave and anti-fashionable <sarcasm off> assertion along those lines is that Lincoln might have been a woman. Or, rather, that Lincoln or any important historical male figure you can think of may really have been an “intersex” person, combining biological features of both sexes, though appearing outwardly as a male. Laura Wood tells us about Susannah Cornwall, a British professor

who has written a lengthy, well-funded academic paper stating that there is no conclusive proof that Jesus was male. According to Cornwall, Jesus could have been an “intersex” person (the latest fad in the Gender Confusion Movement) and possessed characteristics of both sexes, as do some rare human beings. Thus he may have been outwardly a man, but still anatomically a woman.

I have posted a reply at The Thinking Housewife.

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