Further stunning evidence that the American people are nasty blood-and-soil xenophobes and getting worse by the minute

Bruce Drake at Politics Daily writes:

Three-quarters of Americans want to see the number of illegal immigrants decreased and a substantial majority put more priority on stopping illegal immigration than they do in finding a path for immigrants to become legal residents, according to a CNN/Opinion Research poll conducted May 21-23.

The 76 percent who say they want the population of illegals decreased is the highest figure in CNN polls dating back to June 2006 when those holding this view numbered 67 percent.

Sixty percent want the emphasis of the government to be on stopping illegals from entering the country and deporting those who are here compared to 38 percent who want to allow them to become legal residents.

Given these figures, how can the likes of George W. Bush, John McCain, and Barack Obama, not to mention all good left-liberals, stand to go on living in the disgusting, backward country that we are? Maybe they should move to Canada. Heck, forget about dividing America into two countries. Let’s have a repeat of what happened at the time of the American Revolution, when the people who didn’t support the United States went to Canada, to live among like-minded British loyalists. In the same way, today’s American liberals can join their fellow liberals in Canada. Meanwhile, Canadian conservatives—all 137 of them—can come here.

You know how the more hard-line Israelis say that “Jordan is Palestine”—meaning that the Palestinians already have a country, they don’t need Israel too? Well, our slogan should be: “Canada is Blue-State America.”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 26, 2010 07:11 PM | Send

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