Comments on the inauguration

(In this entry we discuss the race-conscious nature of the inauguration that the conservatives are cheering because it represents to them the victory of race-neutrality.)

Karl D. writes:

I know you said you were not going to watch the inauguration, but I am sure that by this point you have probably heard Obamas speech. [LA replies: No, all I’ve heard is a replay of the botched swearing in.] I too chose to not watch but listened in on my car radio. On a side note, the first thing that struck me was how empty the roads and stores were today. It almost felt like New Years Day. As to the speech? It seemed to me to be laced with the common leftist tripe of America being a fundamentally flawed and racist country which has done nothing but screw every other country on the planet. This was followed by some awful poet and then some man (who sounded like an elderly black man) who made Obama sound like a right winger. [LA replies: that was probably the “Rev.” Joseph Lowery, a career anti-American.] If a space alien had tuned in he would be under the impression that this place called America must have been a truly awful place that has now been saved by this man called Obama. And the crowd just lapped it up.

I feel very cynical today. If this is truly how a large portion of people in this country feel about America then I see no way back for us. Especially when they are being cranked out by the thousands in every university in the U.S.

LA replies:

That’s liberalism. Liberalism is the dominant belief system of America and the West. But things change. The West wasn’t always liberal, and isn’t fated to remain so. At the same time, only those people who recognize that America is in fact a liberal society—and, furthermore, who recognize that basically all modern Western people, including “conservatives,” subscribe to the basic premises of liberalism—can have any possibility of fighting liberalism effectively. The superficial conservatives who think that there’s nothing wrong with America but one or two problems that can be solved by a Republican victory, do not grasp the the comprehensive vastness of the liberal reality, and therefore have absolutely no hope of changing it. The possibility of an effective conservative campaign to resist and defeat liberalism only begins when conservatives realize the extent to which liberalism dominates our world and our minds. To put it another way, it only begins when conservatives realize that they are part of the problem.

LA writes:

A couple of days ago, Tom Brokaw, the most atrocious figure in the U.S. news media, compared Obama’s ability to continue campaigning after his defeat in the New Hampshire primary to President Lincoln’s willingness to continue leading the Civil War despite devastating Union losses.

Today, as reported at the Corner, Brokaw “compared the spirit of this inauguration to the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia. ” In other words, replacing George W. Bush as president after a regularly scheduled presidential election is the moral equivalent of freeing your country from Communist tyranny.

How do such people as Brokaw exist? How do they eat? How do they breathe?

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