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Dean Ericson writes:

I listened to Rush today to see what he would say about Norway.

Nothing. Not a word.

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David B. writes:

I saw the post about Rush Limbaugh not saying a word about Norway. To Rush, Norway doesn’t exist. Limbaugh, following the lead of the neocons, thinks “Old Europe” doesn’t count. It doesn’t occur to him that we and Europe are both part of a West that must defend itself.

Daniel S. writes:

I listened to Rush Limbaugh today too hoping to get his take on the Norway situation, but alas heard him say nothing (though in fairness, I was not able to listen to his entire show). On the other hand, on the Michael Savage Show the guest host, Jeffrey Kuhner, was not only talking about the terror attack in Norway, but standing firmly behind cultural conservatism and defending counter-jihad and anti-multicultural positions. He mentioned that the West’s embrace of liberalism and moral depravity have paved the way for the renewed Islamic jihad, which he made note extended back over a thousand years. He pointed out only a strong, Christian West was and will be able to repeal Islamic aggression. He was able to do all of this without Savage’s trademark nastiness, narcissism (which seems standard with all talk radio hosts), and needless ranting. (Though, in Savage’s defense, he does often touch upon important topics that the GOP types refuse to go near.) Kuhner even went on to criticize Limbaugh as little more than a shill for the GOP.

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