New York Post says maid was working as hooker

Alexis Zarkov writes:

My original theory of the DSK case postulated that the hotel maid was doing double duty as a hooker, offering male hotel guests “enhanced room service.” I also assumed his defense would quickly uncover the facts about her. A rich man like DSK can afford a top notch lawyers and private detectives. Today the New York Post breaks what they claim is an exclusive story: “Maid cleaning up as hooker.” From the article:

The woman was allegedly purposely assigned to the Midtown hotel by her union because it knew she would bring in big bucks.

“When you’re a chambermaid at Local 6, when you first get to the US, you start at the motels at JFK [Airport]. You don’t start at the Sofitel,” the source said. “There’s a whole squad of people who saw her as an earner.”

The woman also had “a lot of her expenses—hair braiding, salon expenses—paid for by men not related to her,” the source said.

My theory also assumes DSK got into an argument with the Hooker-maid over the price or nature of the “enhanced room service” she provided, and this argument escalated into a fight. The rest is history.

The New York City police, being men of the world, should have suspected all this from the beginning. In New York City, the first people you talk to are the doormen—they know everything. Unlike the police, private detectives can bribe people, or at least bribe them more quickly. From there it should have been fairly easy to get facts about the maid before the police closed off the sources. I further speculate that the New York Police detectives figured all this out quickly, but got overridden by their bosses. Now the prosecutor twists in the wind.

LA replies:
Can you find the earlier entry where you said this? You can direct search to VFR by using this along with other search items:

Alexis Zarkov replies:

I first posted my theory at the legal blog, Volokh Conspiracy on May 20. Here is what I wrote then.

I think it’s extremely doubtful that DSK was entrapped. Someone would have to know his schedule and have recruited the chambermaid as an operative. Why would anyone think this particular person would appeal to him? The chambermaid could also crack under questioning possibly leading to an unraveling of the conspiracy. All this is too fantastic.

I could believe the chambermaid did freelance work by providing guests with a form of “enhanced room service” which led to an argument. I expect DSK’s defense will take this form. It will be his word against her word. She says rape; he says she was turning tricks. If a prior guest comes forward and says, “I paid her for enhanced room services once, then the case falls apart. On the other hand, if an army of women claim he’s a sexual predator, then he’s toast. I expect the latter is more likely.

It’s possible DSK will beat the rap. If he has a lawyer like Barry Slotnick or a Gerry Spence, he has a good chance unless there’s evidence we don’t know about yet. Now as he lawyer, would you have him give testimony?

This was very early on in the case when we only had fragmentary evidence, and nothing negative had emerged about the maid. It now appears that I was exactly right. The defense gathered a mountain of negative material about the maid.

I suspect the defense is leaking material about the maid to the press and will continue to do so. They would like to get this case dismissed before the hearing on July 18. For some reason the prosecution is hanging on. The defense will torment them until they give up. The best way to do that is to inflict the death of a thousand cuts on the maid, and indirectly on Vance. I suppose the prosecution wants to salvage some of their dignity by finding some charge, however minor, to level against DSK. They will lose. DSK wants a full exoneration so he can run for French president. Of course this is speculation on my part. This case could drag on until the hearing where the defense will ask the judge for a dismissal and get it.

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