A fish that walks, a dog that talks, and a business that boasts of obeying immigration law

Now here’s something that suggests an advance of America to a new level. A reader tells Mark Krikorian that he stopped at a discount clothing store in San Antonio, Texas to buy a tie, and saw this:


Derek C. writes:

The interesting aspect of the story about E-Verify is that it was in a discount clothing store in San Antonio, Texas. I have no doubt that store relies on Mexican-American customers. The lesson in this is that the GOP can oppose illegal immigration without permanently alienating these voters. They’ll get over it. Moreover, a few will respect a show of testicular fortitude and join.

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Marco Jawsario writes:

As I have pointed out before, Hispanics admire strong-willed men and women, which is why they respect and identify with proud white Texans, as opposed to those spineless pathetically pitiful puny PC pukes of pallor in California.

I have lived in both states and the differences are profound. Hispanics in Texas tend to think of themselves as Texans, and 58% consider themselves white, while in California they are more likely to think of themselves as Mexicans or El Savadoran or Latinos, with only 42% of Hispanics considering themselves white.

The lesson to be learned—stop walking on eggshells, white people, and you will get respect.

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