Man in Buffalo states the truth about blacks; conservatives freak out

The other day at VFR, Paul Kersey replied to me in a comment:

That video of the white guy in Buffallo telling the news reporter that blacks drive down property values (and bring crime) cuts to the heart of the matter. In one emphatic statement, the white guy made all of modern conservatism impotent.

I didn’t have time to check out the video then, but The Blaze, Glenn Beck’s website, has posted a full account of the interview, includng the unedited version, which a reader sent me. It is something. The man in the interview calmly, matter-of-factly, states the truth that when blacks enter a neighborhood in large numbers they ruin it with their disorder, anti-social behavior, and crime. The Blaze describes the man as “odd,” as a menacing figure out of Gangs of New York, and concludes:

Where will this odd case of racial animus go from here? Who knows. But those looking for a symbol of persistent racist tension in American society need look no further.

So, according to the website of Glenn Beck, whom all of America considers a far-right-winger, the source of racial tension in America is not rampant black disorder and criminality, not the fact that blacks destroy every neighborhood and city they take over, forcing whites to flee, not the fact that black “youths” are continually committing extreme physical assaults on whites all across this country with no other intent than to cause them maximum physical harm, but the almost totally silent white people who silently recognize the truth about black behavior. The man in Buffalo is the rare exception who calmly stated the truth to a news interviewer, thus revealing the racist underbelly of white America.

The worse black behavior becomes, the more racist you are for noticing it.

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JC in Houston writes:

This huckster, Beck, is no “conservative,” far right or otherwise, but is rather a showman. He knows what side his bread his buttered on and will not risk it by pointing out the truth. Witness his TV series on the “black Founding Fathers,” whose story was suppressed by Woodrow Wilson and those other evil progressives. He’s orchestrating another media circus event called “Restore Love” in Dallas in July. I guess it’s the sequel to his meaningless “Restoring Honor” rally in D.C. last year. How anyone takes this clown seriously is beyond me.

LA replies:

Paul Kersey has a different view of Beck. He says that The Blaze publishes many stories about black-on-white violence, and that even though the site has lots of commentary denouncing white racism (like the story about the man in Buffalo), thus giving the site a reputation for being “anti-racist” and protecting it from liberal attacks, the site is getting out the truth about black violence to more and more readers.

Michael K. writes:

In the article concerning the Buffalo resident, the author Mytheos Holt goes to great lengths to portray the resident as an evil racist, but then states that “he also gave his name, which out of respect for his safety, we are not printing.” Why are they not printing his name out of respect for his “safety?” What possible reason would someone peacefully stating their opinion have to fear for their safety? Is it because the community he was discussing has a disproportionate propensity for violent and lawless behavior?

The article accuses this man of racism because he said that blacks have a disproportionate propensity for violence and lawlessness, while at the same time acknowledging that same violence and lawlessness by refusing to name him.

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