The global gun controllers are at it again

I just found out that there is yet another UN Conference on Small Arms and Light Weapons going on this week at the UN headquarters in New York. Unsurprisingly (as discussed here), the member nations are trying to push through the same kind of resolutions that were stopped single-handedly by the United States in the summer of 2001, namely to move toward the global banning of all private weapons, so that only the member governments of the UN—some of which are tyrannies that kill their people—have weapons. I wrote a series of articles on that conference for NewsMax. The articles are linked at the “Unofficial Lawrence Auster Web page,” and I am linking them below as well. Priority reading would be the first article, which lays out the anti-gun agenda, and the last article, which details America’s heroic and successful stand against the global gun controllers—against the whole thrust of leftist world opinion—on the last day and night of the conference.

NewsMax series on UN gun control conference

U.N.’s Real Gun Agenda Emerges
— July 10, 2001

America to White House: ‘George, This Is Not the Time to Go Wobbly!’
— July 12, 2001

U.S. Delegates May Be Selling Out America at U.N. Anti-gun Conference
— July 13, 2001

Roy Innis, a Refreshing Dose of Common Sense and Decency at U.N. Conference
— July 14, 2001

Anti-gun Conference Strengthens Draft Document; U.S. Delegates May Take a Walk
— July 17, 2001

Non-Governmental Organizations Meet at U.N., Demand Global ‘Transparency,’ Attack U.S.
— July 18, 2001

’Transparency’ Revealed: The U.N. Sees Us, We Can’t See Them
— July 20, 2001

Time for Decision Has Arrived
— July 20, 2001

Global Gun Controllers Surrender to U.S.
— July 24, 2001

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