That’ll show’em

Anne Gearan of AP reports:
The United States has some concerns about a rising China, including a military expansion that may be excessive, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Friday…. “There are concerns about China’s military buildup,” Rice told a television interviewer. “It’s sometimes seemed outsized for China’s regional role.”

Yeah, can’t you see the Chinese quaking in their boots when Mighty Condi expresses her “concerns”?

Rice holding flowers.jpg
Bush sends the vain, cliché-spouting Condoleezza Rice to deal with the Chinese, he sends the less vain but equally cliché-spouting Texas housewife Karen Hughes to deal with the Muslims. His four closest advisors are four silly, light-weight liberal women—Laura, Condi, Karen, and Harriet. We might as well be governed by the wren-like female reporters who sit around the table each Friday evening on PBS’s Washington Week in Review.

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Paul Nachman writes:

Inspired! (Even though I haven’t seen WWIR for decades.)

Some afternoons, people in the lab have NPR on, via computer. All NPR voices sound the same …. the prissy enunciation ….

LA replies:

Thank you.

By wren-like, what I’m thinking of are these de-feminized, low-vitality, little nothings. The type is so consistent—just watch Washington Week in Review once or twice and you’ll see what I mean, the reporters are usually four defeminized little wrens plus one testosterone-challenged male, basically the cast from one of those early-’90s Star Trek spin-offs—that I conclude the producer of WWIR must be a type like that, so she chooses on-air people like herself.

For a quick glance of the type I mean, turn on the News Hour any evening and see Margaret Warner.

Note: Gwen Ifill, the moderator of Washington Week in Review, is obviously not wren-like but large, vital, and very pleased with herself. But that only completes the politically correct iconography of the show: the smiling, glowing, black hostess, three recessive white females, and one weak white male.

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