The new non-white dispensation in Sweden

If a previously all-white country admits non-white immigrants in any appreciable numbers, certain consequences inevitable ensue. One of them is that the historic identity of the country, which no one had ever questioned or worried about before, suddenly becomes a problem, something bad, a “stereotype” that “no longer exists,” but (says Timbuktu, a racially mixed hip-hop artist born in Sweden) “still exists in the minds of some people.”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 23, 2004 01:36 AM | Send

For some time, we’ve been told that drawing in tens of millions who do not know our language, customs or laws; would itself generate value, a diversity-value of otherness. When, in reply to this unreasonable claim, some speak of the national good and of the majority interest; the government’s most learned scholars find that only the ad hominem routine of saying xenophobia and racism, is available to them. To those who invoke the national interest, and that of the majority, in this dispute, the utter cream of the professoriate can think of no rational argument; but can only give their attempted diagnoses of xenophobia and a fear of tropical races.

Posted by: John S Bolton on October 24, 2004 8:12 PM

Meanwhile, Swedes (probably mostly white) of leftist political bent, are already responsible for all manner of insanity in that country, alas. (See , , and )

Now they’re also having the fun of ethnic / racial tensions, great…

Posted by: Will S. on October 25, 2004 3:11 AM

The historic identity of a nation newly subject to diverse immigration, is a problem especially when the immigrants are distinctly lower in quality. Once a diasporic contingent is in, they will tend to become hypersensitve to any nationalism or patriotism which would cause them to feel metaphysically endangered. Officials will enthuse over the opportunity for censorship; having found an occasion for tyranny, if their country isn’t already a despotism. On this theory, one would predict that a country like Japan, would monitor resident foreigners for any sign of unease with patriotic expressions, and remove or pressure such foreigners in proportion as they react negatively to local expressions of identity.

Posted by: John S Bolton on October 25, 2004 3:54 AM

Sweden is a classic case of end-stage liberalism. The majority of native Swedes have been indoctrinated with self-hate for several generations now and willingly seek their own destruction. I read in a recent article of how how entire sections of the city of Malmo are now controlled by Muslim gangs - even to the point where the police don’t go in to enfore laws. There was a debate amongst the Swedish staff of the local hospital ER about installing metal detectors at the entrance in light of the number of gang members strolling in with firearms (which are outlawed to law-abiding native Swedes) to finish off rivals. The Kool-Aid drinkers prevailed and the detectors we rejected as it would be a “provocation” to the precious immigrants.

The only scrap of hope for any of the 20 or so remaining patriotic Swedes is Islamic Dhimmitude. They might at least be able to survive for a future day. The Tranzis running the show now are a certain path to utter extermination, as the example demonstrates. As with Spain, Sweden is a perfect example of the fundamental failing of Democracy. These Eloi will literally vote themselves out of existence. Their only hope of salvation is through a dictator (unlikely) or dhimmitude. Is this our own future in the USA? It appears to be so more and moe every day.

Posted by: Carl on October 25, 2004 4:04 AM

If it were a problem of democracy, there would be no need for censorship. They are at the end-stage of the experiment in a culture with no inspiration but government money and offical power-seeking. They will have a war of religion, dictatorship, mass-murder and expulsions. They experimented with providing government education to a further degree,and for longer than others. Before long, they will have to pay the same price as the Germans did.

Posted by: John S Bolton on October 25, 2004 4:25 AM

They even had to change a few bus routes in Malmo because Arab thugs kept breaking the windows. This is a typical liberal reaction: instead of sending in riot police, they hide their heads in the sand. The Malmo situation reminds me of the Crown Heights pogrom in ‘91 when Dinkins was afraid to use force against black hoodlums.

Posted by: Eugene Girin on October 26, 2004 2:28 PM
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