Move over, Waxman—here’s a congressman with a face that can really give us nightmares

Liberals talk about Republicans as though they were freaks. But look at this photo of President Obama with Democratic congressman Raul Grijalva of Arizona:


Having seen Obama in many photos standing next to people, I think that he has a normal size head, So it’s not that Obama’s head is small. It’s that Grijalva’s head is freakishly large. He looks like a monster.

By the way, guess what Grijalva’s background is? He was a community organizer.

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Joseph A. writes:

No one is as ugly as the rat faced Waxman, who looks like a stock villain from a comic book. It is manifestly just that such a man has such a face.

Your post reminds me of an Ace of Spades post about Grijalva’s re-election race that I read a few weeks ago.

Look at his photograph in that article.

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