Beyond the mutual battering of left and “right,” the larger crisis in our civilization brought out by the leaks

Don Hank writes:

Sarah Palin compares Wikileaks founder Julian Assange with al Qaeda terrorists and wants him hunted down and brought to justice for publishing the names of Afghani informants. Indeed there can be no excuse for what Assange did. He is probably justifying his actions on an amoral definition of “free speech,” while greatly enriching himself at the expense of these now-exposed and helpless informants, many of whom are probably doomed to a horrible death as a result of his actions.

Yet, in asking for Julian’s head, so to speak, Sarah is shallowly focusing on the secondary source of the leak, not on the larger issues brought out by the leaks. For starters, the soldier who divulged the names of the Afghan informants needs to be court-marshaled and imprisoned for a long time.

Since Assange’s home country is also involved in the conflict in Afghanistan, it is up to Australia to deal with him, and they really need to punish him for this because it is treason to his homeland.

But regardless of his sins, Assange has brought to the world’s attention some egregious sins of those in power, and is part of a scheme that he himself has no inkling of—the spiritual battle that Paul spoke of.

As a result of this battle, Assange, acting out of whatever selfish and/or idealistic motives that may impel him, has exposed the tactics of Hillary’s sleazy State Department, which treats friends as potential enemies. More importantly, Wikileaks promises to expose behavior on the part of banks that could bring them down. No doubt the Left will spin this to mean that stringent new rules must be established for finance, involving the government even more deeply in the private enterprise system. But when corruption penetrates so deeply into a nation’s moral fiber, it matters little whether the actor is a corrupt government or a corrupt private sector. Thanks to this corruption, there is little or no private sector left any more and hence diminishing freedom for all. What we have can be seen more accurately as Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s) in a system that has been described variously as corporatism, fascism and feudalism.

So while the actors on the stage are of little consequence, the truth does indeed matter. Yet the political powers on both the Left and the Right focus all their, and hence, the public’s, attention on the secondary, creating intriguing theater, but very little substance if any.

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