“Abortion talks break down,” announces Politico (Not)

Here’s Politico’s story, posted 15 minutes ago, on the breakdown of talks, or the continuation of talks, or whatever, between the House leadership and the Stupakites. Everything they’re saying is bull, including Bart Stupak’s statement this morning that he was “finished” with Pelosi, since everything the players are saying is part of negotiating tactics.

I would say that this does not look good. The leadership and the Stupak group are both ardent for a deal that will allow the latter to vote Yes. What will stop them from reaching it?

Clarification: Amidst the contrary quotes from the players on whether there are talks or not, there is something official:

A spokeswoman for Stupak told POLITICO that “discussions are continuing” between anti-abortion Democrats and Pelosi.

This proves that the statement from his team this morning that Stupak was “finished” with Pelosi was a negotiating gesture. It’s clear what’s happening: Stupak will keep saying No, No, No … until he says Yes.

As I said on March 9, put not thy trust in Stupak. Only God can save America from descending into the pit into which it is about to descend..

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 20, 2010 02:19 PM | Send

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