The Method of Charles Johnson—a collection

My writings on Charles Johnson date from his attacks in fall 2007 on Paul Belien and Vlaams Belang. Eventually, I became one of Johnson’s “fascist-sympathizer” targets.

Note: As he has done to every website he doesn’t like, Charles Johnson has blocked any direct links from VFR to LGF. If you click on a link at VFR to LGF, you’ll get a sound-and-animation page telling you you’re an idiot. Such is the method of Charles Johnson. (He even did something like this to his long-time pal Robert Spencer today, so that one cannot link directly from Jihad Watch to LGF.) To get around the block, instead of clicking on the link, copy the link (right click, copy shortcut), and paste the address into your browser’s address bar.

The method of Charles Johnson [My main article on Johnson]

Charles Johnson’s really existing desires for Europe [Concerning Johnson’s utopian demand that the best conservative parties in Europe divest themselves of every association of which Johnson disapproves.]

Charles Johnson calls Brussels Journal “repugnant” [How Johnson attacks Vlaams Belang leaders for being on same radio show on which David Duke also appeared, which I call “ascription of guilt through collateral association.”]

When the Europeans attempt to return to normalcy, which side will we be on?

Charles Johnson finds the smoking gun [the Celtic cross bric a brac.]

Correcting Johnson’s canard about Fortuyn and Vlaams Belang

The World War II-era links between Flemish nationalism and Nazism

Vlaams Belang aligns with BNP; Spencer says Charles Johnson was right

Spencer: ally of Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson in a nutshell [“Johnson is against Islam, but he defames the only people who stand up to it.”]

Talkin’ Little Green Footballs Paranoid Blues [Lyrics of early 1960s Dylan song parodying John Birth anti-Communists that fits Johnson to a tee.]

Charles Johnson finds more fascists behind his TV set

Lawrence “Springtime for Hitler” Auster gets the LGF treatment

Charles Johnson, drawing on left-wing websites, again smears Vlaams Belang

Charles Johnson casts his buddy Robert Spencer into the outer darkness—am I supposed to care?

More conservatives rejecting their one-time idol Charles Johnson [October 2009. As Johnson attacked more and more of his former conservative allies as fascists, etc., the entire conservative movement rejected him. However, as I point out, all of these former allies of Johnson, ranging from Robert Spencer to Robert McCain, rejected him, not because the bad things he had done in general, but because he had personally attacked each of them; it was only when Johnson personally attacked a particular conservative that that conservative would reject Johnson.]

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