Final observation on the 2010 House elections

By my quick calculation, the Republicans gained 63 seats over their number in the last Congress. That is only eight more than the 55 seats they gained in the 1994 elections. What the House Democrats did to the country in 2009-2010 was vastly worse than what they did in 1993-94. Therefore the Republicans should have picked up vastly more seats in 2010 than they did in 1994. But they didn’t. I repeat my deep disappointment over this. Yes, the Republicans won a huge victory and the Democrats endured a crushing defeat, and that is very good. But what the Democrats deserved was to be, not defeated, but destroyed.

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January 6

Niles McCoy writes:

I would agree, but large numbers of the districts in the House are gerrymandered, which kept the number of actual competitive seats lower than predicted.

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