What would be true justice in this election?

I have said, along with Dick Morris, that my fantasy is that the Democrats lose over 100 seats in the House on Tuesday. But, in truth, even that grandiose desire does not go far enough. Laura Wood writes at The Thinking Housewife:

May each and every candidate who has supported [Obama] be voted out of office on Tuesday.

That would be true justice.

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November 1

James W. writes:

I was one of those who would not vote for the little rooster from Arizona, and reminded myself that it took four years of Jimmy Carter to make Reagan possible. But I did not stop to consider that our new experience would require half that time. Seventy-five to one hundred seats are likely, not fantasy; fifty seats are a Democratic fantasy.

However, let us hope Republicans (in name only) do not take the Senate and give Obama a unified target and an excuse for his failures. With a few notable exceptions, when we add Republican Senators who should switch parties to those who just want to go along-get along, the prospect of a Republican Senate is very troubling. Great mischief can easily be inserted under cover of this weak and vainglorious body.

We will have to wait for better candidates to have Republicans lead. For the time being, conservative voters have been surprisingly effective at applying the whip through the speed of the internet upon allegedly conservative pols. I witnessed Mitch McConnell do a complete flip within 24 hours after stating he was looking forward to working with Democrats.

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