Roissyism and Game: the Big Debate

Here, listed in chronological order, are VFR’s entries on this subject which consumed the site for over a week, until the discussion turned from Game to Human Bio-Diversity. Entries on the latter topic are included here as well.

Sexual liberation to the nth power

Bio-cons versus social cons

The social cons strike back

Libertinism and liberalism

Roissyism explained in 150 words

The catastrophe in sex relations: a Roissyesque account

The discussion of Roissyism continues …

The sexual catastrophe: who’s really to blame for it, and how it can be ended

Reflections on the Roissyite “revolution,” cont.

How sexual equality turns men and women into enemies

The forces that shaped today’s “beta” males

An entire generation of sexually corrupted females (and males) , and what that bodes for our future

A VFR reader defends Roissyism

What traditionalist men must do to end female promiscuity

The psychology of the Gamers, and its generational roots

Game and dominance

A Christian conservative explains why men today need Game

When power is seen as the only reality, all relationships are seen as sado-masochistic

All Roissyism, all the time

What’s wrong with white men?

A sophist’s attempt to send up VFR

Debate goes on … debate goes on …

Replying to Gamers who think they have overthrown conservatism

Are “bad boy” and “Alpha” just excuses?

Among the Gamers

End of the debate?

A Gamer apostate

The burning question: Can a pick-up technique save the West?

Joining the jungle

A response to the Roissyites

Not over “till it’s over

Game versus the Good

How can Game change society, if its success depends on people not knowing about it?

Who is this mysterious authority figure in the lives of beta men who has so badly let them down?

A miscellany of comments on Game

In modern America, the return of the Scarlet Letter

A man tells how Game helped him find a wife

Tradcons versus HBD

Is human bio-diversity the next conservatism?


HBD’s problem is even bigger than I said

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