Why whites are so passive in the face of racial homicide

See reader Robert B.’s powerful comments about why, in response to every savage black-on-white murder, whites express lots of sadness and sorrow, but never any righteous outrage. It’s not just that they are Eloi; it’s that the liberal system has forced and conditioned them into becoming Eloi. They know that the authorities are not on their side, and that they are not protected, and that if they make any truthful statement on these subjects they will be punished.

In the introduction to “Black and other nonwhite violence against whites: a grim collection,” I wrote:

Nonwhite violence against whites, whether the perpetrators explicitly express a racial motive or not, is not only a very bad thing in itself that has increased from virtually zero a half century ago to an unending, low-level intifida today, an intifada systematically ignored by mainstream media and society as a whole. It is … where the rubber meets the road on the path to national suicide.

Robert’s comments have reminded me once again that (a) the transformation and destruction of white society by mass non-Western immigration and the resulting “diversity,” and (b) the ongoing, never-remarked-on violence and intimidation against whites by blacks and other nonwhites, and (c) the total non-response of whites to both the non-white diversification and the anti-white violence, are all part of one phenomenon.

It is thus no wonder that the author of The Path to National Suicide: An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism also writes so much about black-on-white violence.

UPDATE: Responses to Robert’s comment are posted here.

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