Beck channels Charles Johnson, cont.

The blog Weasel Zippers links a YouTube of Glenn Beck’s learned discourse on the “fascist far right” of Europe and on Geert Wilders as a representative thereof, and adds as introduction:

Glenn Beck Losing Me:
Insinuates Geert Wilders is a Fascist …

In Beck’s defense, the title on this YouTube video [“Glenn Beck calls Geert Wilders a fascist”] is misleading, Beck doesn’t explicitly call Wilders a fascist. He does (after labeling Wilders “far-right”) claim in Europe, all of the far-right is fascist. Still, Beck is talking out his a**, how many so-called “fascists” like Wilders have unwavering support for the Jewish state? What is Beck thinking? Have some knowledge of what you’re talking about before making an ass of yourself in front of millions of informed people …

The entry has many lively comments.

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