Massa denounces Democratic leadership

At his press conference Rep. Massa said (I’m passing this on from a friend who heard Rush Limbaugh play it), that “they’re pushing the bill through no matter what, and they don’t care who they have to smear to do it. This will break apart the country and it will take a generation to get over it.” Massa also indicated something about a “buck naked” confrontation he had with Rahm Emanuel in the House showers (does Emanuel as a former congressman have House privileges?), where Emanuel insulted him in some way and Massa fired back.

UPDATE, 12:32 p.m.: A reader has just told me that “Massa will likely be on the Glenn Beck TV show at 5pm, Fox News, with accusations of corruption in the Obama administration. He may also be retracting his resignation.”

UPDATE, 2:30 p.m. Massa will be resigning after all, effective 5 p.m. today. According to his chief of staff, Massa is in his home district now and is not planning to return to Washington. He says that the “rescind resignation” story was generated from comments make by callers to to Massa on a radio program he had appeared on. However, a story in Roll Call today (I’ll post it soon) clearly states that Massa himself on the radio program spoke of the possibility of rescinding his resignation. There is a disturbingly erratic quality in Massa’s statements and conduct. To start with, since he has now told the world that the House leadership forced him out in order to remove an obstacle to the health care will, why didn’t he say that in his Friday resignation statement? And why did he indicate (repeatedly) the fact that he was “guilty” without specifying what he was guilty of, which only made him look more guilty, while simultaneously saying that all he did was some bad language at a drunken wedding (which is subject of the next post). It will take a while for the truth in this story to come out.

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