The new Katyn Forest massacre

As Diana West chillingly reports, all the indications point to a massive Russian cover-up of the truth about the airliner crash in Russia last April that decapitated the Polish political elite. If things are as they increasingly seem, the crash was not an accident but one of the great crimes of modern history, and Putin’s Russia is as monstrous as Brezhnev’s or Stalin’s.

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Van Wijk writes:

You wrote: “If things are as they increasingly seem, the crash was not an accident but one of the great crimes of modern history, and Putin’s Russia is as monstrous as Brezhnev’s or Stalin’s.”

I will never understand the drive on the part of some conservatives (mostly paleocons who are looking for a place to flee to) to talk up Russia as some sort of conservative utopia merely because it has a strong church and is tough on its minorities. Russia is a backwards country. When the Russian government isn’t assassinating journalists, it’s destroying Russia’s satellite states on the flimsiest of pretenses. Russia is a fundamentally Eastern country and is no example to follow.

LA replies:

I think the paleocon idealization of Russia it can be very readily explained. When a person becomes alienated from his system, his society, his father figure, he must find a subsitute with which to identify. He won’t look too closely at this substitute, he doesn’t want to know negative things about it. He needs it for emotional reasons. So the paleocons keep idealizing Russia as the supposed foil and counterweight to neocon, universalist America.

LA writes:

As a side point, I want to acknowledge that many former Soviet Jews in America do not regard the Brezhnev regime as bad. They appreciate Brezhnev very much, because he allowed the Jews to start emigrating.

August 23

Lydia McGrew writes:

I’m going to admit my ignorance in the hope of getting more information: I read the piece you linked on Russia and the downed Polish plane. The whole thing looks sinister and suspicious in the extreme, but I’m still not sure what the Russians appear to have or are supposed to have done. Is the idea that they shot down the plane? Or is the idea that the plane never crashed at all, that the Russians had the plane brought down by air traffic control in some remote place and then murdered everyone on board? Or something else?

LA replies:

I don’t know. The information Diana West presented showed an obvious cover-up by the Russians. Precisely what they are covering up is not shown. But why would they be covering up what happened unless they had guilty knowledge of it?

Kilroy M. writes:

In relation to the Polish plain disaster, I sent the below on 19 April. Perhaps you may wish to post it with a date-stamp.

From: Kilroy
Date: Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 4:55 PM
Subject: Re: Strong indications that Polish president’s recklessness and intimidation of pilot caused the crash
To: Lawrence Auster

That’s fine.

By the way, I’m not sure if you think this is old news by now, but you may be interested in some of these interesting developments that don’t seem to be getting any press coverage in the West at all, and that is surprising.

Here’s one: The Polish Niezale┼╝na newspaper (“The Independent”) has published photos that show Russian authorities either replacing or installing fog light bulbs into the runway where the Polish plane was to land. The photos originated on a Belorussian blog, posted by some chap that made the rounds to the crash site to take some exclusive snaps for his site. Now, I’m no conspiracy theorist, nor am I a forensic criminologist, but it strikes me as…. I don’t know, tampering with the scene of an accident?

Here’s another: A couple local Russian chaps on the way to work came upon the crash scene, before the emergency authorities arrived. One of them made a short film on his camera that has been uploaded to YouTube. In the file, you can hear a siren, and shortly afterwards, two to three gun shots being fired. The guys on the scene are terrified, curse out and quickly leave. To make this somewhat more interesting, I’m told by friends in Warsaw that many of the bodies have not yet been returned from Russia.

Also, the flight recorder data shows that the plane made only one attempt at landing, that there was no pressure from the President to land, and that a wing was torn off when it hit the tip of a tree that was invisible in fog.

Personally, I don’t think the Russians did this … it’s just too egregious. I can’t imagine a villainous government that would go that far. I mean, they were bound to know that it would go global, and how would that benefit them politically—especially in the context of Katyn? But … then again, murdering 22 thousand members of an allied army in World War Two is pretty egregious too.

This is all very odd. I don’t think we’re ever going to know what happened.

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