Revenge against whom?

Yesterday I wrote about Obama:

What his choice of leftism over love, of hostility over charm, of class warfare over coalition-building revealed about him is that, at bottom, he is an alienated nonwhite whose fundamental feeling toward this historically-white and still majority-white country is dislike.

When I posted that, I didn’t know that two days earlier, Obama had said to an audience in Ohio, which had booed the mention of Romney’s name: “Don’t boo, vote. Vote. Voting’s the best revenge.”

Now what could this possibly mean? If Romney had already defeated Obama, it might make sense for Obama to want revenge against him. But how could Obama want revenge against a man who is, at this moment, only his challenger?

Well, perhaps he meant revenge against the Republican Party. But that also wouldn’t make sense, since when Obama became president the Democrats controlled Washington completely for two years and the Democrats could pass anything they liked. In 2010 the Republicans won control of the House. But still, it doesn’t seem likely that Obama would want “revenge” on them because of that.

Then perhaps he means revenge against George W. Bush? But that’s absurd. Obama has had nothing to do with Bush, nor Bush with him.

Against whom then, does Obama want revenge? It’s obvious. As a disciple of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, as a follower of Wright’s black liberation theology which equates whites with the forces of evil and blacks with Jesus Christ (but a Christ that doesn’t forgive), Obama wants revenge against white America itself, of which his opponent Romney is merely the momentary symbol.

* * *

SYNCHRONICITY ALERT: When I was almost done with drafting this entry, I couldn’t remember Rev. Wright’s first name, so I googled wright obama. The first result I came up with was a piece published today by Liz Peek at the Fiscal Times with essentially the same title that I had already chosen for this entry: “Obama Wants Revenge: On Whom? For What?” Her answer is (though she doesn’t state it terribly clearly): revenge against whites for oppressing blacks. She even speaks of Wright and his influence on Obama.

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