Rasmussen—it’s too close to make a prediction

Scott Rasmussen (whom I find it startling to think of as an individual, since I’ve tended to think of “Rasmussen”—the Rasmussen polls, the Rasmussen Reports—simply as a corporate entity) writes today that the race is too close to project a winner.

Based on what Rasmussen has said, there is no point in continuing to follow the polls between now and the election. It’s essentially a tie in the polls, and that is not going to change. The next time VFR looks at numbers they will be tallied popular votes and electoral votes on election night.

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November 3

Ron K. writes:

“Scott Rasmussen (whom I find it startling to think of as an individual … )”

I have the same problem with Breitbart, Bloomberg, Schwab, Hurley, and a dozen other corporate eponyms that slip my mind at the moment.

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