Will Obama choose to become a laughing stock?

Apart from its humor, the below e-mail by Rocco DiPippo proves the point of my previous post. If Obama accepts the Nobel Prize, eight months into his presidency, his image of grandiosity without substance will have expanded so far that he will become a risible figure. No one will be able to take him seriously any more. For this reason, I think it is likely he will turn it down. But if he doesn’t turn it down, the comedians of the world—not to mention all conservatives and defenders of Western civilization—should be grateful.

Rocco DiPippo writes:

I’ve had some big laughs flipping through Free Republic over the last few hours. Vanity posts mocking Obama’s Nobel Prize have reached a hilarious crescendo. At FR, there are posts up claiming that Obama was the fifth Beatle, that he won Motor Trend’s Car of the Year Award; that he defeated Truman back in the ’50s, so on and so forth. The postings got to the point that for about an hour, they crowded out most of the serious news items. Here’s my contribution to the fun:

Breaking News! World’s Muslims Reject Mohammed, Anoint Obama (PBUH) the “Last Prophet

Popular Carbombing ^ | Oct. 9 2009 | Mullah Omar

Posted on Friday, October 09, 2009 8:38:45 PM by Rocco DiPippo

Today, in a stunning and historical move, the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims denounced Mohammed as their prophet, claiming that a recently corrected typographical error in the Sunnah shows that the correct spelling of The Prophet (PBUH) is “Obama.”

In a message to the faithful, respected Muslim scholar Mullah Omar BPUH (Bombs Be Upon Him) said, “We have been incorrectly calling The Perfect Man “Mohammed” when his actual name is “Obama.”

In joyous celebration of this stunning revelation, Muslims in Gaza burned cars and stabbed suspected Jewish shopkeepers, Muslims in Karachi drove a school bus loaded with 2,000 lbs of C-4 into a busy market place, Muslims in Iraq blew up several hundred fellow Muslims, and Muslims in Great Britain were given vouchers worth 15,000 British pounds for each relative they could convince to immigrate there. All these activities took place to shouts of “Obama Akbar!”

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