A prediction about Palin

I’ve not previously read John Ziegler, but his position vis a vis Sarah Palin seems to be something like mine. As he puts it, he’s not a supporter of her and does not want her to run for president, but he defends her when she’s unfairly attacked.

But now, based on Palin’s interview on Sean Hannity’s program the other evening, Ziegler has changed his mind. He thinks it’s likely Palin will run and he wants her to run. His reasoning is interesting. The media and the left have so demonized her that she has, in effect, already politically died and therefore has nothing to lose. Unlike the other likely GOP candidates, who are weak conservatives, she has been through fire and will be able to hold to her hardline conservative positions against all pressure. Ziegler’s biggest mistake, in my view, is that he thinks Palin has hardline conservative positions. As I’ve argued before, this is a fantasy shared by everyone, on both right and left. Symbolically Palin is conservative. Substantively she is not particularly conservative. But much of our politics today—and all of our politics today when it comes to Palin—is about symbols.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 18, 2011 06:52 AM | Send

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