VFR entries on a mass murder of whites by a black, which the media tacitly justified because the killer said his victims were “racists”

On August 3, 2010, Omar Thornton, a black driver working for the Hartford Distributors in Manchester, Connecticut, was proven by videos to have been stealing beer from the company and was fired. He quietly signed a letter of resignation and was headed for the door when he pulled out a gun and started firing, killing eight and wounding two. And what was MSNBC’s headline announcing this mass murder?

Family: Racism caused Conn. gunman to snap

That headline set the tone for all subsequent media coverage, which emphasized the putative racism of the victims of a mass murder, even after it turned out that the owner of the company was a liberal activist.

Below is collection of VFR entries on the Thornton story. The most important is “The meaning of the media’s response to the Connecticut mass murder.” The meaning is that, according to liberals and the liberal media, white people deserve to be murdered by blacks. This is the same media which now charges, without a drop of evidence, that Republican rhetoric incited the mass murder in Tucson.

Eight whites murdered for their “racism” at Connecticut beer distributorship [August 4, 2010. Black driver Omar Thornton, about to be fired from Hartford Distributors for stealing from the company, murders eight white fellow employees for their “racism.” The media treats the “racism” charge as legitimate and reasonable and subsequent media coverage focuses on the supposed racism of the victims.]

The Big Lie, in its efflorescence [“The story spread by the MSM is not only false, it’s the exact opposite of the truth. Ross Hollander, the owner of the company whose employees Thornton murdered for their “racism,” is the sort of liberal who believes that all black failure and black dysfunction are caused by white society…. That Ross Hollander doesn’t know these salient facts about modern America shows him to be the blindest type of liberal, the type of liberal who automatically and unthinkingly blames blacks’ problems on white-run society, no matter how much of their energy and wealth whites sacrifice for the sake of black improvement. Meaning what? Meaning that it was a company run by the blindest type of pro-black liberal that got targeted by a black mass murderer of whites.”]

The meaning of the media’s response to the Connecticut mass murder [“A racial mass murderer says his victims were “racists.” Therefore it is assumed to be possibly or likely true, and the main focus on the crime becomes whether the victims were really racists or not. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything so disgusting as the mainstream media’s giving credence to the word of a racial mass murderer…. This shows how the keystone of the modern liberal order remains what it has always been: the belief in white guilt. The ultimate though unspoken premise of modern America is that whites deserve to be killed by blacks. What else can explain the fact that it is the white victims of the black mass murderer whose moral character is being questioned, not that of the black mass murderer?”]

Why 80 year old lynchings of blacks keep getting re-told, while whites are being mass murdered by blacks today [August 9, 2010. Five after the racially motivated mass murder of eight whites by a black in Connecticut, NPR had a program on a racially motivated mass murder—not the one five days earlier in Connecticut, but the lynching of two blacks 80 years ago in Indiana. “A culture renews itself by the periodic recitation or symbolic reenactment of the sacred history of its founding…. The founding of post-1960s liberal America consisted in the birth of the widely shared conviction of America’s unappeasable guilt for its historic discrimination against blacks. This experience, which originally occurred in the early to mid 1960s (as I discuss in my 2005 article at FrontPage Magazine, “Guilty Whites”), is the sacred, sustaining source of the liberal order. All else flows from it. The very legitimacy of the regime flows from it. Liberal society requires for its continued vitality the endless rehearsal of the saga of white racism—that racism which makes our historic society, and the non-liberal whites who represent it in liberals’ minds, evil, and makes our present liberal order, and the liberal whites who lead and represent it, good.”

Heads out of the sand, conservatives! It’s time to identify and confront blacks’ stated attitudes toward whites [“The website Stuff Black People Don’t Like is on a tear. In tough minded but non-bigoted language, it zeroes in on the black attitudes that connect the infamous black reaction to the O.J. Simpson acquittal with the Omar Thornton mass murder of his white fellow workers in Manchester, Connecticut.”]

I regret linking the “No Pressure” video [Paul of SBPDL writes: “In my opinion, the entire Omar Thornton event showed us that the left wants us to die, in how they canonized Thornton.”]

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