Meaning of Palin “retweet” of Bruce remark still unclear

As of this morning, Amy Gardner in the Washington Post is speculating as to what Sarah Palin meant to convey by “retweeting” Tammy Bruce’s thuggish remark that anyone who forcefully opposes homosexuality in the military is really a secret homosexual and should be exposed as such (see my post yesterday on this). Which means that Palin herself has not yet issued any clarification regarding her apparently approving quotation of Bruce. But now that I think about it, who would pressure her to do so? Liberals would welcome any sign that Palin is on their side, and so wouldn’t question it, while Palin’s supporters would be loath to press her on an issue that could damage her supposedly conservative credentials. The only people who might actually care are conservatives who staunchly and vocally oppose the homosexualization of the military, and, as we have seen since December 18, such conservatives are in a small minority. So it’s possible that Palin may never have to answer for this odd posting.

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Maryanne R. writes:

I am a former lesbian; God saved me from that lifestyle. That is my background for the following comments.

Some conservatives are very eager to have a conservative lesbian validate their version of traditionalism. Tammy Bruce fulfills that function. She appears regularly on some shows such as Hannity. To “conservatives” such as Hannity or O’Reilly, the American tradition excludes God and morality. So if a lesbian can confirm their worldview in a non-moral way, great, let’s have her on as a guest time and again. This counters the liberal view that gays can only find a home on the left.

Palin is not going to offend Bruce since Bruce said, “Paliln’s a good person”—meaning Palin will not attack us homosexuals culturally or morally. But why would she? She hasn’t hidden her daughter’s immorality—in fact her daughter has been turned into a media presence dancing and revealing her legs up to there. I doubt that Palin will say anything significant about the homosexualization of the military. She may say something innoculous about its having been expedited as a policy too soon.

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