NRO’s response to the John Podhoretz event

How do John Podhoretz’s colleagues at National Review Online feel about his elevation to be editor of the most prestigious mainstream conservative magazine in America?

Well, at the Corner, at 6:50 a.m. Tuesday, Podhoretz discussed an article by Gary Rosen of Commentary and referred obliquely to Rosen as “my new colleague.” So apparently at that point J-Pod assumed everyone already knew the news (which was posted at the Commentary website earlier in the week), or else this was his indirect way of telling them. Then at 8:33 a.m. Tuesday, Kathryn Jean Lopez, the editor of NRO, posted this minimalist comment:

Congrats Are in Order [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
for JPod.
10/16 08:33 AM

In the 39 hours since then, not a single person has seconded K-Lo’s laconic congratulations. Her lonely “congrats” sits there like Eleanor Rigby. While all kinds of subjects have been discussed over the last two days, nothing further has been posted by anyone at the Corner on the subject of their colleague’s apotheosis. Could it be that they are as appalled by it as I am, but, not being in a position to say what they think, are registering their displeasure by sullen silence?

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