The Muslim Brotherhood and its front organizations

Last night I watched “The Islamic Infiltration, part 1,” a 15 minute video produced by Bill Whittle at

It is one of the most alarming things I’ve seen about the Muslim threat. The focus is on the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that explicitly seeks the conversion of every government on earth to an Islamic government. In two interviews taped in a room in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, an anonymous former defense Department counterterrorism expert and an anonymous former FBI counterterrorism expert tell Whittle how all the main Muslim organizations in North America—ISNA, CAIR, MSA, and others—are Muslim Brotherhood fronts, period. Of course, we’ve heard for years about various links between the Brotherhood and these groups, but, at least in my experience, the connection has never been stated the way it is here.

The two experts also talk about how the government routinely calls on these Muslim Brotherhood front organizations for information on Muslim terrorism. They also inform Whittle that the government seeks these groups’ prior approval of the government’s investigation and interrogation techniques. You read that correctly.

I repeat that bits and pieces of the above picture have frequently been given, but nothing like the whole picture.

I was so stirred and troubled by the video that I spent hours last night researching the Web to learn if this specific information had been published before. Has it been out there for years, and I missed it? In particular, I looked up Daniel Pipes’s articles on radical U.S. Muslim organizations—of which he’s written hundreds over the years—to see if he has ever said what these two government experts say. As far as I could tell, he hasn’t. More on that later.

(In order to stop getting the frequent prompts to register for free at, I registered. It was quick and painless.)

Part Two of Bill Whittle’s interview is available here.

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Rick U. writes:

Here is a pretty good piece at Front Page Magazine on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ray G. writes:

Yeah, I registered for PJTV back in the summer; they have a pretty good group of folks over there, Bill Whittle my favorite. He does a video editorial, called “Afterburner” every week or two. Usually they are free to watch for a few months and then go into the “subscription fee required” category. This one of my favorites that is still free:

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