The RCP average for Virginia, based on five polls taken since October 4, the day after the first debate, is an Obama lead of 0.4 points, essentially a tie.

And what was the Obama lead before the debate? There were 11 polls taken in Virginia between September 12 and October 1, and their average was an Obama lead of four (4.09) points. So the debate reduced Obama’s advantage by three and a half points. Not a huge shift, but a definite shift.

However, in the long-range view, how pathetic that Virginia, which should be a red state, still has a (slight) Obama lead. Twenty years ago, an Obama would not have been in contention in Virginia. Twenty years from now, a Romney will not be in contention in Virginia. Mass nonwhite immigration, fully and unquestioningly supported by the GOP, spells the doom of the GOP as a national party and the decline of America into a Third-World socialist state.

Andrew B. writes:

Thanks to mass immigration into the DC area by Hispanics, Africans, and others, Virginia is less than 65 percent white. Why in the world would anyone expect Republicans to be overly competitive there any more in a state-wide election? They need to win 10 percent of the minority vote, and 72 percent of the white vote to win.

How likely is that?

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