The truth at last, about Islam, being told in the DOD

According to a must-read article by Paul Sperry today at FrontPage Magazine, the truth about the nature of Islam is finally starting to percolate into the U.S. Defense Department. Lectures and briefings are now presenting to officers and planners the fact that Islam itself—not the mythical entity known as “radical” Islam—is a political and military movement aimed at world conquest.

Once this is realized, then the true war, the war to defend our civilization from Islam, can begin. Among other things, in my view, it will mean that Muslims should not automatically enjoy freedom of religion in this country under the First Amendment, since Islam is not just a religion, but a political movement seeking the end of our system of government. Once that understanding is put into effect, we won’t have to deport the Muslims, as most of them will leave voluntarily.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 14, 2005 04:00 PM | Send

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