More feral blacks leave society for long / permanent jail terms

(Note: The victims were not white, but Haitian; see discussion in next entry.)

But hundreds of thousands more continue to move about at liberty, looking for their moment to strike.

The AP story was posted at the Sun Herald of Biloxi, Mississippi:

Teen sentenced to 30 years in Florida gang rape
The Associated Press

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.—A teen who pleaded guilty to gang raping a South Florida woman and beating her young son has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Seventeen-year-old Avion Lawson pleaded guilty in August and testified against three other suspects in the 2007 attack. The others have all received life in prison.

Lawson, who was sentenced Monday, had faced a maximum 11 life sentences plus 50 years.

Lawson and the three other defendants were all teenagers when police say they barged into a 35-year-old woman’s apartment, raped her repeatedly, beat her 12-year-old son and then forced her to perform oral sex on the boy.

The victims were doused in chemicals to clean the crime scene, and police say their attackers discussed setting them on fire before fleeing.

[end of article]

I’d say the chances are 50 to 1 that the victims were white. I say this, because the impulse of these black predators is not just to get something they want from whites, like money or sex, and it’s not just to hurt whites, out of anger or hatred. The black impulse, seen in one crime after another, is to degrade whites, to crush and obliterate them as human beings, as the perpetrators sought to do in this crime, as Curtis Lavelle Vance did to Anne Pressly, as the Knoxville defendants did to Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Such crimes are going on all the time, but no one, except at a few sites like this, says anything about them.

Which brings us to the old tree-falling-in-uninhabited-forest puzzle: If a black on white intifada is going on in our society, and no one ever mentions it, is it really happening?

Which in turn reminds me of the Steve Sailer commenter who said that he was a “big fan” of mine, but that he found my continual coverage of black on white crime to be “creepy.” I guess he’s more interested in the really important and non-creepy racial issues that so occupy Sailer and his commenters, like race and sports.

- end of initial entry -

David B. writes:

The perp who received 30 years won’t serve anywhere near that much time. He will be paroled inside of 10 years I predict. After all, he testified against the others. The public doesn’t realize that most perps don’t serve the lengthy sentences they see in the headlines, but are paroled.

A recent thread at Steve Sailer’s blog became a debate about NBA players of 30-40 years ago versus current NBA players. Sailer claimed Elgin Baylor really did not play “above the rim.” His proof? Sailer didn’t see Baylor do it in a two-minute youtube clip of a 1962 game. As you write, Sailer and his commenters enjoy topics like this.

David B. continues:

I did a Google search for Avion Lawson and found this Miami Herald article. Since the victims survived, they weren’t identified. If they had died, their names and photos would have appeared.

Ed D. writes:

The gang rape by these savages took place at a housing project (which is a nicer way of saying government-subsidized black slums) in West Palm Beach, FL. So I’d say it’s almost a statistical certainty that the victims are black. Nevertheless, I think your point about black-on-white savagery is still valid. Blacks who beat, rob, rape, and slaughter whites exude a certain attitude in their crimes. I believe the entire purpose of these black on white crimes is to say to both the individual white victim and to white people in general … Who’s the master now? Who’s superior and who’s inferior now?

A reader writes:

I am quite certain that the victims were in fact Haitian immigrants. I remember reading about such a crime a year or two back, and all the details in the story you cited seem to be the same as the case I read about. I believe the perps knew the victims, as they lived in the same housing project. The perps also poured bleach or some other household chemical into the boy’s eyes to blind him, but he later recovered his sight. But your assumption was still a sound one. Had I not known about the case already, I would have suspected the victims were white as well. When attacks are this sadistic, it seems to be more a man-bites-dog type of story when both perp(s) and victim(s) are black (or some other favored minority).

I’ve read that there is some hostility between American Negros and foreign ones because the former think the latter are invading their turf. There are cultural differences, and when the newcomers are Haitians, linguistic ones as well. American blacks sometimes won’t unite with Caribbean or African blacks because they think their monopoly of the grievance industry gravy train is threatened.

Leonard D. writes:

By commenting on black and white crime, you are committing progressive thoughtcrime. Heresy. You are violating deeply-held and felt taboos, that are drummed into almost everyone. These are the things that Mencius Moldbug once called “red flags”:

One (tangential) comment on the Smith elegy used the phrase “red flags.” … I have a pretty good memory of when I might have said the same thing. The first time I was linked to VDare, I had exactly this response. (In fact, the first time I found myself staring at a Republican blog, I had this response. But that was a longer time ago.)

The sensation is visceral. It is the sense of the presence of evil—of the Adversary himself. I am not religious, but I do believe in evil. It is impossible to fight without believing one’s enemies are, in some way, evil. To believe one can be above this feeling of pure revulsion and contempt is not to have advanced to a higher spiritual stage, but to be an arrogant prig.

I was not raised with the same politics as Mencius, and I don’t recall ever feeling a “red flag” about Republicans. (I certainly do remember feeling they were wrong and simply irrelevant.) But I can remember stumbling across Steve Sailer’s blog years ago, and being horrified and consterned at the frank discussion of race and IQ. Which was truthful, of course, but the key thing here is that in modern progressive America, some truths are fearsome. (And whose fault is that, oh progressives?)

Which is not to say you are not entitled to be affronted by the label “interesting but creepy.” But at least, given what you are doing, it is a sign of success.

Emilie B. sends this undated 2007 USA Today article on the crime.

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