Is NR worth it?

I opened an envelope from a reader, found a check for the curious amount of $59, and wondered what it was about. Along with the check she had sent this note:

Dear Lawrence,

Thank you for exposing the false conservatism of National Review!

I am sending the amount I used to waste on a yearly subscription, because I would rather support your great work at View from the Right.


Needless to say, she made my day.

I ended my own subscription to NR in 1996. Here is my letter to William F. Buckley explaining why.

Below is a selection of VFR pieces about National Review. The negativity of these entries should not be taken to mean that NR is worthless. It does regularly publish informative and useful pieces exposing what the left is up to. What it does not do is articulate a conservatism that is opposed to liberalism.

A Buckley obituary that won’t be published anywhere

NR waves the white flag at homosexual marriage

Ponnuru calls conservatives anti-homosexual bigots

Derbyshire on homosexuality [Mar 17, 2007 … I exposed Ponnuru’s readiness to surrender to the homosexual agenda regarding same sex “marriage” in 2003. I also showed how he took the … ]

The conservative betrayal that tops them all [Jan 11, 2008 … It’s about how Ramesh Ponnuru in a cover article at NR called for surrender to homosexual marriage. Alan Roebuck writes: … ]

Why Jonah Goldberg is the Animal House Conservative

The Animal House conservative reveals that he is the Animal House conservative [Goldberg column showing his total vulgarity.]

Jonah Goldberg has no problem with the idea of a Muslim being president [Showing both the pure liberalism of his thinking process, and the frivolous immaturirty with which he expresses it.]

Derbyshire’s rejection of conceptual thought, cont. [Jul 6, 2007 … In his latest column at NRO, Derb says “Islamophobia…. of knowledge about this subject: that is the mark of a sick, nihilist mind …

In re John Derbyshire: a selection

Derbyshire’s brilliant “proof” that there is no transcendent truth [Mar 21, 2008 … Here is the entire John Derbyshire post on transcendent truth (previously … Just another Holy Thursday on “The Corner.” That was it … ]

Sneering at the transcendent [Mar 20, 2008 … As for human dignity being grounded “in transcendent truth,” well, … joke from KJL that this is “just another Holy Thursday on the Corner.]

The flagship magazine of … libertarianism? [Aug 2, 2009 … chestless wonders, atheists, nihilists, and libertarians. Thus at NRO’s Phi Beta Cons blog, where the Gates debate continues … ]

Rich Lowry and the conservatism of emotions

Conservatives for the homosexual transformation of society [Dec 10, 2006 … At The Corner, that home of nursery-school “conservatives,” John Podhoretz … Every transcendent value has its physical counterpart…. ]

Look out, teeny-cons, I’m comin’ to getcha [Aug 22, 2008 … Patrick Cleburn at Vdare writes: NR Austerised: What a pleasure As I have said before, getting on the nerves of … ]

How not to be affected [Jun 4, 2008 … That’s what the teeny-cons at the Corner are up to. Under the editorship of Richard Lowry, NR’s job is not to represent conservatism … ]

Thanks from a reader [Aug 30, 2009 … Kathlene M. writes: I used to read NRO before I found your website.]

Brimelow on Buckley, Nordlinger on Buckley [Mar 2, 2008 … Surely Mr. W. is familiar with my unrelentingly critical stance toward the NRO people, whom, among expressions, I’ve described as teeny-cons … ]

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