The model minority’s racial dislike of us

Henry McCulloch writes:

In the comments about the vicious black-on-Korean murder in a New York City subway station, Mr. Auster says that the reason Asians would vote for Black Run America is::

The shared animus against whites unites the nonwhites.

For example, has anyone ever written a full article, as distinct from a comment, showing the dislike that Chinese have for whites? The animus is frequently open and plain, but I’m not aware of this ever being written about at length, even in the race-conscious blogosphere.

This is a good question, and the reason for the silence on the issue is modern Western political correctness. In more honest times, Westerners—even if they thought themselves superior to Orientals—were well aware that Orientals, especially the Han Chinese, consider themselves the most superior race on earth and China the center of the world (they do not call it the Middle Kingdom for nothing). One aspect of Oriental animus against Westerners—in addition to finding our long noses hideous and thinking we smell like corpses—is that the Orient came inexplicably to be utterly dominated by these ugly, odiferous barbarians. Only in the late 20th century (in 1905 at Tsushima in Japan’s case) did matters begin to return to normal, with East Asian nations regaining sovereign power over their own countries. There is a generous amount of score-settling in the Oriental attitude about Westerners.

I am no expert on the East, but I was stationed in Japan and Korea twice, and observed the locals’ attitudes about round-eyes. In Japan a superficial, sometimes exquisite, politeness masked an almost complete lack of interest in actually having anything to do with us. Koreans lacked even the veneer of politeness (think of how charming so many NYC deli proprietors are). In those Cold War days we never set foot in China, so my only experience of the Chinese is outside China, but I don’t detect any particular interest in Westerners or desire to conform to our norms when they move here, however industrious they may be.

And if Orientals are disdainful of white Westerners, most consider Africans of any sort as on the level of animals. The open rudeness I saw Japanese and Korean people show to black GIs was breathtaking. It does not excuse any black attacks on Asians or anyone else, but black Americans, urban dwellers for sure, are well aware of this attitude.

Orientals are resolutely and unapologetically ethnocentric, indeed racist. That may make Westerners uncomfortable and PC may forbid our discussing it, but for Orientals it is a source of strength.

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Patrick H. writes:

I got to be well acquainted with an attractive, charming and utterly ruthless Chinese woman (from Hong Kong) over the course of a year-long program I was taking with her. I had many conversations with her about the Chinese, and in one of those talks, she confided in me that in Chinese (Cantonese, specifically) the word for “white person” is the equivalent of “caveman” or “Neanderthal.” The word for “black person” is “monkey.” I did not learn whether these were the ordinary terms for whites and blacks in Cantonese, or were specifically derogatory.

If she was telling me the truth—and I think she was—then the Chinese rank the three great races, yellow, white and black, in a strict order: human, sub-human, and animal. I suppose it wouldn’t surprise a white liberal that the Chinese think of us as cavemen: after all, liberals detest being white and might laughingly agree that we are indeed Neanderthals. But a white liberal simply could not accept the Chinese view of blacks. To call whites cavemen is justice. To call blacks monkeys is—discrimination! I suspect that a white liberal, should he discover the shocking truth of the Chinese view of blacks, would simply deny it outright. It’s only whites who can be racist, anyway. So if the Chinese think of blacks as monkeys, it can only be the result of us cavemen Neanderthals putting them up to it.

LA replies:

The liberals will say that Chinese feel this way about blacks because of the influence of anti-black stereotypes in American movies that have shaped the Chinese people’s view of the world!

Ian M. writes:

You wrote, “Has anyone ever written a full article, as distinct from a comment, showing the dislike that Chinese have for whites?”

Here is an article—though from more of a personal perspective than objective overview—by John Derbyshire on the “Angry Asian Male”:

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