A different perspective on the possible meaning of the events in Egypt

Karl D. writes:

I have been thinking about this Egypt uproar. I almost see it as an equivalent to the election of Obama, insofar as it would be beneficial to conservatism in the long run. As bad as the scenario of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt would be to us and especially Israel, it could be a net positive for the global counter jihad in the long run. This is just my personal spin on what the future could hold. Oil will go through the roof, other Arab States my tumble and go totally Islamic, Iran will be a major player and the danger to Israel will be immense. Add to this the fact that the huge numbers of Muslims in Europe will feel emboldened and may really start to cause serious problems (think Beslan as a monthly occurrence) that even the press and government spin doctors can’t perpetuate the “Big Lie” anymore. In short this could be the catalyst that really makes people see this for what it is. A life or death battle for the very survival of Western civilization against Islam. Not radical Islam, Islamofascism, or some other ridiculous term. But Islam itself.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 28, 2011 05:04 PM | Send

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