Canadian man missing in Afghanistan had close jihad ties

Robert Spencer writes:

The AP story you posted about Caitlin Coleman, the 27-year-old American woman missing in Afghanistan with her Canadian husband Josh, says this: “The Colemans asked that Josh be identified by his first name only to protect his privacy.”

Well, the secret is out: he is Josh Boyle, ex-husband of Zaynab Khadr, sister of ex-Gitmo inmate and jihad terrorist Omar Khadr. The Khadrs are widely known as “Canada’s terrorist family,” and were personal friends of Osama bin Laden. Boyle “worked as a Khadr family ‘spokesperson’—helping organize Zaynab Khadr’s Parliament Hill hunger strike in the fall of 2008 to raise awareness of her brother’s case in Guantanamo.”

Why they were traveling in Afghanistan is still unknown, but given Boyle’s previous close association with jihadists, it can’t be ruled out that he was involved with jihadists there.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 01, 2013 10:55 AM | Send

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