What the Democrats, in the name of guaranteeing health care to everyone, want to bring to America

When health care becomes a right guaranteed by the government, then the demand for health services shoots up, the cost shoots up, and the provision of health care must be rationed, not by the market and the rational, commonsense decisions of patients and doctors, but by the government itself. The result is a system in which doctors are expected, not to provide care, but to withhold it. Leading inevitably to terrible circumstances like this, reported in the Mail (and discussed at Lucianne.com):

A teenage cheerleader had to have her leg amputated after doctors missed her cancer four times—telling her it was ‘growing pains’.

Shannon Corr, 15, repeatedly visited GPs for over a two-month period complaining of agonising pains in her right knee and shin that left her struggling to walk.

But doctors told her she was suffering from growing pains and told her to go home and rest.

After GPs refused to refer Shannon to hospital, her desperate mother Jeannetta Swift, 44, took her to A&E and pretended she had fallen over so she could be fully examined.

Doctors immediately spotted a problem, but by the time the rare bone cancer osteosarcoma was diagnosed it had spread to the soft tissue of Shannon’s leg and surgeons were forced to amputate. [cont]

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