Conservatives should adopt the Obama strategy in reverse

Ian B. writes:

I’ve noticed something interesting. When Janice Brewer signed the law banning “ethnic studies” classes in Arizona, it flew under the radar. Normally, such a thing would have provoked widespread leftist condemnation across the nation, but instead it’s gotten very little attention in the media.

The reason for this is clear. The left was so busy freaking out over Arizona’s illegal-immigrant law that they didn’t have time to focus on the ethnic studies ban. This is a blueprint for conservative success. When we have power, we must wage all-out warfare on them, assaulting them on many fronts at once so that they don’t know what’s coming next, and don’t have the ability to turn their attention to every single front. While their attention and energy is being expended on defending one base, we quietly take five other ones. Sort of the Obama strategy in reverse.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 17, 2010 10:31 AM | Send

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