The hulking, Frankenstein-like alien we’re supposed to believe is chic and glamorous

The photos are from the Mail. (See the original story for more photos.)

Michelle%20in%20scarf%201.jpg Michelle%20in%20scarf%202.jpg
“I knew Jackie Kennedy. Jackie Kennedy was a friend of mine.”

Who are the two people in this photo who represent America?

Michelle is especially fetching and
graceful when seen from behind.


Loren P. writes:

Subject: Too much overkill with Michelle Obama

Focus on the actions not the actors appearance, by the way your blog is great.

LA replies:

You miss the point entirely, as one commenter after another invariably does. The world makes a huge deal of her appearance, constantly building her up as the quintessence of style and fashion. I am responding to that Orwellian lie.

In effect, you want the one site that rejects that lie to stop doing so.

Sophia A. writes:

You aren’t the only blogger to point out that Michelle is the original Mama Grisly.

This lady regularly does:

Also, Germaine Greer has pointed out MO’s fashion gaffes, but I don’t have a link.

Roger G. writes:

Re the photo of the Obamas with the imam, was it cropped to exclude Yoda?

This is the First Couple. Of the United States of America.

If George Washington had been shown this, he would have gone back to the British and insisted on that officer’s commission.

Roger G. writes:

I never thought I could despise any First Couple more than the Clintons.

How do you satirize this?

Paul K. writes:

I’ve noticed that while Michelle has been touring India and Indonesia, she’s been able to suppress the urge to display her shoulders, trapezius muscles, and upper arms. Some cultures’ norms are more worthy of respect than others, evidently.

N. writes:

Frankenstein was the doctor, the scientist who tampered with nature.
His creation had no name, it was “The Monster”. In all the movies
I’ve seen, Doctor Frankenstein is played by a man who has sharp eyes
and a general air of above average intelligence.

So it’s incorrect to refer to the First Lady as “Frankenstein” …

LA replies:

You are of course correct, and I was aware of that, but fitting the phrase “Frankenstein’s monster” into the title of the entry wouldn’t have worked. In demotic usage, “Frankenstein” often means Frankenstein’s monster.

By the way, for anyone who has never read Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, it is very good.

November 11

John P. writes:

Two points. The monster was in many ways a sympathetic character! Michelle isn’t.

Take a look at that hideous scowl in the first photo. Now, we all know a candid photo can make anyone look bad, but it’s hard to catch someone expressing an emotion they rarely feel. The disgust and anger in that expression strike me as almost demented. I really wonder what’s up with her. And it seems to me this isn’t the first time I’ve seen that expression on her face.

Dean Ericson writes:

You wrote:

“By the way, for anyone who has never read Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, it is very good.”

Question: Is Victor Frankenstein Jewish?

LA replies:

Well, in Mel Brooks’s early 1970s movie, Young Frankenstein, he is.

Loren P. replies to LA:

You’re right. I guess the liberalness is hard to shake off.

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