Black rapist who stalked black single mothers sentenced to six life terms

He would threaten to harm their children to get them to submit. A just society would not maintain this transgressor in prison for life, but execute him. The story is from Tampa Bay Online:

TAMPA—Convicted rapist Jerrod Pass was sentenced to three more life terms today, bringing his total to six.

Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Wayne Timmerman imposed the consecutive life sentences after hearing from the victim, who praised the judge’s decision.

“I’m just glad he’s off the street and won’t be able to violate any other woman,” she said. “Or to use their kids as weapons.”

Pass was convicted of raping the 37-year-old mother of four in June 2007.

Timmerman sentenced Pass to three consecutive live terms in June after Pass was convicted of raping another woman.

Assistant State Attorney Rita Peters asked for the maximum sentences and that they be served one after another “as a statement for this victim and his other victims.”

“He is a danger to society and should never see the light of day as a free man again,” she said.

Timmerman agreed.

“You are a woman’s worst nightmare,” he said.

Authorities accuse Pass of being a serial rapist who terrorized women in the University of South Florida area during summer 2007. They say he stalked black single mothers. Deputies began calling the suspect the “stinky rapist” after some victims said the assailant had a foul odor.

The victim in the latest case complained to the judge that Pass continued to maintain his innocence.

“For you to deny that you did this to me is wrong,” she said. “You violated me and my children.”

“You mentally and physically raped me.”

The victim testified she had fallen asleep with her baby on her chest after returning from Bible study.

She was awakened by a man holding something sharp to her neck. He had a gloved-hand over her mouth and whispered for her to stay quiet and cooperate or he would hurt her and her children, who were asleep in the same living room.

Testimony showed that Pass’ DNA was found on the victim and her voter registration card was discovered in a storage unit he rented.

Pass had no comment at today’s sentencing.

Pass faces nine additional cases. Peters said today she plans to continue to try Pass. A status conference on those cases was scheduled for Dec. 8.

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