Salon’s attack on Pamela Geller triggers rift between Geller and Christine O’Donnell

The valuable blogger Stogie at Saber Point has the background on the Christine O’Donnell / Pamela Geller dust-up which was triggered by Salon’s smear attack on Geller.

It’s a mess that could and should have been avoided. In a nutshell, Geller endorsed O’Donnell’s U.S. Senate candidacy. O’Donnell’s campaign posted Geller’s endorsement at the campaign website. Seeing the prominent connection between O’Donnell and Geller, the left-wing site Salon launched a hig job on Geller, recycling the usual lies to paint her as a nutjob, an Islamaphobe, an extremist. The O’Donnell campaign got nervous and removed the Geller endorsement from their website. Geller got angry and attacked O’Donnell as a coward.

Stogie says that Geller should have kept her unhappiness with O’Donnell’s move private. In a comment in the thread, I’ve pointed out another way the problem could have been prevented: Geller could have recognized that given that she is as an extremely controversial figure whom the left loves to attack, for the O’Donnell campaign prominently to post her endorsement was looking for trouble. Therefore she should have advised the O’Donnell campaign not to post her endorsement.

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