Figuring out American Thinker

A reader writes:
Someone sent me this today from American Thinker, saying it summed it up for him, that at the core of the extreme left is … nothing.

I didn’t see the article making sense. What do you think?

LA replies:

If it didn’t make sense to you, it didn’t make sense.

American Thinker occasionally publishes worthwhile articles. But the preponderance of the pieces at that site are written by half-baked, over-eager conservatives with limited knowledge trying to come up with some Big Theory.

Robin of Berkeley, the author of the article you sent, was by her own admission a lefty until about five minutes before she published her first article at American Thinker a year or two ago.

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James P. writes:

American Thinker was more interesting back in 2004, when the editors showed some discipline about what they would publish. Now anyone with a pulse can get published there, and it’s not worth the effort to sift through all the garbage in search of nuggets of wisdom.

LA replies:

Nuggets of wisdom I don’t look for. I am satisfied when I find a rationally argued, decently written article there—which is not often.

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