20/20 on the Katie Piper case

David B. writes (January 8):

I just watched the ABC 20/20 program on the acid disfigurement of English model Katie Piper. The whole show was devoted to the subject. There had been a British documentary from which ABC used footage.

The program informed us that the affair lasted less than two weeks. After she ended the affair, he asked her for sex and was turned down. What does he do? He imprisons her in a room and brutally rapes her. She tries to hide while he still pursues her by phone and text messages. He gets her on the phone and persuades her to come to a cafe to talk with him, and while she’s on her way there, his accomplice walks up to her and throws the acid in her face.

With a character like this, saying no will not stop him.

This terrible story is a textbook example of the idea that “liberal society is a factory for the production of dead young white women.”

You really do like Katie and wish her nothing but the best from now on.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 09, 2010 10:24 AM | Send

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