The latest GOP argument for McCain-Palin

Gerald M. writes from Dallas:

I know you want to move on to deeper issues, but I can’t resist reporting to you what I heard on the Hugh Hewitt radio show this evening. Hewitt is one of the most aggressive (and certainly the loudest) neocon style talk-show host I’ve ever heard. Today his show’s theme was: On the 7th anniversary of 9/11, are we safer? A woman called in and expressed doubts about McCain because of his stance on the border, saying McCain “doesn’t seem to get it” about border security. (It was unclear whether she was worried only about terrorists or illegals in general.)

Hewitt replied, “Don’t you think Palin is gonna take care of that?” He assured the caller that, as a border state governor, especially the “border” with Russia, Palin was “all over this,” and was very security conscious. “She has a long border, you know.” This seemed to assuage the woman’s doubts.

So now we see Palin’s name being invoked, not only to enthuse evangelicals, defenders of gun rights, and (those curious creatures) “conservative” feminists, but also to invalidate any opposition to McCain based on his horrible record of not supporting real efforts to secure the border.

“Don’t worry,” we are told, “Sarah will take care of it.”

LA replies:

Thanks. That’s more evidence for my argument that the GOP has become a party of mindless opportunism. They will say ANYTHING, no matter how absurd, if they think it will help their candidate. The way the Republicans are going, they’ll soon be arguing that Palin will make the ocean recede.

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